A Study on the Theory of Feudalism and Prefectural System of Choson’s Confucians and Their Reform Ideas in the 17th Century ——Focus on Yoon Hyu and Kim Manyoung  

While witnessing the chaos of Choson’s order after the war and fundamentally realizing the ills of the prefectural system, Yoon Hyu(尹鑴) and Kim Manyoung(金萬英), as Choson’s Confucians in the 17th century, looked forward to reform by the feudalism as a means to achieve three generations of the rules.  

Proletariat Poetry in Taiwan (1927–1932)  

This paper examines how Taiwanese modern poetry circles accepted the concept of the proletariat poetry of Japan (プロレタリア詩) and China (普羅詩派) through different literary magazines during the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. This research also probes how the poets at this time started writing proletariat poetry “in Taiwan” and then developed into writing “Taiwan’s” proletariat poetry.  

Baojuan of Liu Xiang in Vietnam: An Adaptation and Transmission Process in Early-20th-century Southern Vietnam  

Lưu Hương diễn nghĩa bảo quyển is a Nom script, adapted from the Chinese precious scroll Liu Xiang nu baojuan, written in ‘Luc-bat’ verse form, and widely transmitted in the early 20th century in Southern Vietnam.  





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