Notice to Contributors

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1. Taiwan Journal of East Asian Studies (TJEAS) is a biannual academic journal and has published regularly

    since June, 2004. This journal is based on Humanities and Social Sciences as the context of the researches.

    It aims to establish a base for dialogues between East Asian civilizations and other civilizations that allows

    for a better understanding of the core values of East Asian civilizations. This biannual publication is open

    to the public, and papers from diverse fields and specializations are welcomed.

2. Submissions should be focused on a research thesis, with supporting research data, discussion and

    comment. Book reviews, and related research notes are also welcome. We accept submissions written in

    Chinese and English.
    Please kindly follow the Journal “Submission Format”:
    (1) 10,000 to 30,000 words for submissions written in Chinese.
    (2) 15 to 25 pages for submissions written in English.

    Translated papers should be only from academic publications, and should incorporate footnotes and

    analytical discussions.
    For other kinds of submissions, Chinese texts should under 10,000 words; English texts should be under 10

    pages, including footnotes, annotations, and references.

3. The typesetting should be in Big-5 or Unicode in traditional characters, instead of simplified characters. In

    case of missing characters, please refer to

4. Articles may be submitted for publication in Taiwan Journal of East Asian Studies at any time. All

    submissions must pass a preliminary review by the Editorial Board before being sent to scholars in relevant

    fields for double-blind review. The Editorial Board will make final decisions about publishing submissions

    based on the results of the peer review process. All authors will be notified once a decision has been


5. Please kindly send submissions with title, abstract (maximum 300 words), keywords (maximum 5 words);

    author’s name, brief introduction (position and title), and contact information (address, contact number, fax

    or e-mail address).

6. Please avoid multiple submissions. If the article has been published in other languages or forms,

    authorized approval should be acquired with acknowledgement. Also, kindly acquire related approval

    concerning the copyright of third party data (like graphs or citations). All authors are liable for plagiarism

    and copyright infringement. The TJEAS shall not be responsible in any circumstance.

7. Submissions are not returnable if without notice of acceptance. For successful applicants, full text will be

    published both in the TJEAS publication and the electronic version. Authors will receive two copies of the

    recent publication with no additional remuneration.

8. We reserve the copyrights of all published articles, which are eligible to be republished on website, and

    database pending authorization by National Taiwan Normal University. Any duplication or translation of

    the articles in whatsoever form must have prior approval from TJEAS.

9. All manuscripts should be submitted via the online system, please login to the online system of manuscript

    submission and review at: 

   If there is any query, please send email to: