An Investigation of Liu Yizheng’s Idea of “Revering the Ancient”

An Investigation of Liu Yizheng’s Idea of “Revering the Ancient”
Yi-hong YU
This paper made a historical investigation of modern scholar Liu Yizheng’s idea of “revering the ancient” evidenced in his writings, in order to render a typical case of traditional scholar struggling in modernization trend. First of all, this paper studied, Liu’s background and works in the Qing Dynasty, and points out that his academic methods are influenced by his experience in participating in the New Deal, and in the meanwhile, the spirit of revering the ancients, Confucianism and traditional ethics also shapes Liu’s thought. Secondly, this paper studied Liu’s books and essays during the early time of the Republic of China to describe how his idea of “revering the ancient” becomes shaped at this time, while he also showed his intention of responding to the changes of the world according to political ideal in ancient China. Thirdly, this paper studied Liu’s speeches and works in 1930s and 40s, and pointed out how his ideal of the unity of politics and education is elucidated in different pragmatic approaches under the tense internal and external situation. Finally, this paper briefly discussed the historical dilemma of Liu’s idea of “revering the ancient”.
Liu Yizheng, Rites of Zhou, Traditional Scholarship in Modern China, New Learning in Late Qing Period
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